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Celuform Partners with Recovinyl

Celuform Partners with Recovinyl

Celuform - 20th January 2010

As the environment remains top of political and personal agendas, we want to continue to do our bit for the environment so our customers can rest assured that they are buying from a responsible manufacturer. That is why we have signed a partnering agreement with Recovinyl to commit to recycling post-consumer PVC-U and PVC-UE waste.

Recovinyl is the European initiative to encourage the recycling of PVC waste and an initiative of Vinyl 2010. Celuform has already worked hard to reduce its post-industrial waste by recycling any scrap it produces during the manufacturing process, but by signing this contract we are applying the same level of commitment to post-consumer waste in all its forms. This includes recycling the small proportion of product that is ordered incorrectly or damaged in transport on its way to a site and the off cuts from installation (i.e. Short Life A Grade post-consumer waste), as well as the product taken off a property when for example the roofline is being replaced (i.e. Long Life, B Grade, post-consumer waste) at the end of that products life cycle.

Celuform is keen to do its bit for the environment with; its environmentally kind stabilisers in the skin and core of the product; its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint; and now by partnering with Recovinyl its promise to do its bit in the recycling of post-consumer waste.

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