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Celuform Future Proofed with Calcium Organic

Celuform Future Proofed with Calcium Organic

Celuform - 9th December 2009

Over the course of the last 12 months, Celuform, the specifier’s choice of PVC-UE roofline, cladding and window finishing products has altered the stabilisers in its products from the less future proof tin stabilisers to 100% organic compounds in virtually the entire product range.

Tony Crutcher, Celuform Sales and Marketing Director says: “We made the switch because we knew changes that affected the use of Dibutyl Tin (DBT) were on the way. As we come to the end of the switchover, the Commission of the European Communities has confirmed in its Directive 76/769 that DBT compounds such as those used in tin stabilisers for PVC building products will be banned in articles supplied to the consumer that contain over the equivalent 0.1% weight of tin from 2012. The ban is based on the potential health risk DBT poses to adults and particularly children.

“Some manufacturers have tried and failed to make the switch. This isn’t surprising considering the amount of time and money it costs to do – it’s very difficult to change the formula cost effectively or without too much disruption to your existing customer base. The Celuform management team however is committed to supporting its customers in this market and keeping them ahead of the market for future markets. Because we knew exactly what needed to be done, and left ourselves the time to complete the switch over gradually, Celuform customers are now enjoying a much more environmentally friendly product that makes it even easier for them to sell into Housing Associations and House Builders who are looking for a greenest option. This also shows the commitment we have towards the Celuform brand.”