Celuform Environmental Actions
Celuform Environmental Actions

Environmental Actions 2015

Celuform Environmental Actions – 2015

Celuform has focussed on increasing the performance of its equipment through monitoring of key factors that generate waste:-

These being water, electricity, vehicle fuels and waste that has to be reprocessed off site.

During 2013 -2014 the level of activity increased across site as we installed more machinery and the introduction of a warehousing and transport facility on site; which meant the old targets were no longer relevant.

Our target this year is to improve our environmental progress through the following activities:-

Reduction of the waste that leaves site for recycling:-

A monthly 5 tonne reduction year on year, this year the target is 35 tonnes per month.

Water consumption:-

To maintain the current usage whilst we install extra equipment to improve our filtration and cooling capacity of the extrusion machinery. Target remains at 10m3/week.

Reduction of Electrical energy use:-

To reduce electrical consumption by the introduction of measurement of key equipment, the installation of more efficient motors, chillers and water pumps. To maintain the current level of CO2 per tonne of product manufactured. (500kg/ tonne of product manufactured).

Reduction of vehicle fuels used:-

We introduced during 2014 a new fleet of Euro5 compliant delivery vehicles to replace our aging fleet. These vehicles have optimised servicing, load planning and vehicle routing contributing towards a reduced CO2 output and better fuel efficiency. We continue to monitor fuel consumption and miles travelled.

We intend to replace our existing Fork lift trucks with more fuel efficient models during the middle of the year, these will give us a reduction in our LPG use across site.

Derek Whale

Operations Manager